18-year-old ninth-grader, fellow student arrested after planning to ‘chain doors, shoot at’ Madison High School, documents show

18-year-old ninth-grader, fellow student arrested after planning to ‘chain doors, shoot at’ Madison High School, documents show
18-year-old ninth-grader, fellow student arrested after planning to ‘chain doors, shoot at’ Madison High School, documents show

HOUSTON –Two Madison High School students were arrested Wednesday after authorities believed they were planning a school shooting on Friday, court documents show.

Cornell Santell Thomas, 18, and Damian Arias, 17, are both charged with making a terrorist threat, a third degree felony.

Thomas stood before a magistrate in probable cause court on Friday morning.

“He is a full-time student attending Madison High School in the ninth grade,” Thomas’ public defender said.

The judge heaved a long sigh, then read aloud the details of the investigation.

“Okay, obviously this is a case with alleged facts that raise serious public safety concerns,” the judge said. “What frankly bothers me about these alleged facts is that we have all seen many instances of children at school saying things, making alleged threats, etc., but it seems in this case that Mr. Thomas and Mr. Arias both gave statements to the police that seemed to indicate this, and I quote here that “Damian Arias admitted that he was going to shoot the school and do it on Friday at the lunch time”.

The judge went on to read that when Thomas was questioned by the police, he allegedly admitted that he also planned to shoot the school, mentioning a Youtube video. The judge also read that Arias had to get a gun from his uncle and use it to carry out their attack.

“They were going to bring it (the gun) to school on Friday and do it over lunch because that’s when there were two police officers in the cafeteria. The plan was to lock the exit doors, chain the exit doors and trap everyone inside the school,” the judge said.

Bail for Thomas was set at $70,000 and bail for Arias was set at $50,000. They are both currently being held in Harris County Jail.

The judge then put conditions in place if Thomas bails.

“I don’t want him back in school, not in this school, and frankly, I doubt Madison High School has a plan in place to bring him back,” Judge said.

Thomas must be fitted with an electronic monitor within three days of his release and must observe a curfew, being inside his home between 6 p.m. and 5:30 a.m., seven days a week.

Thomas is also not allowed to have contact with Arias, his alleged co-conspirator. Additionally, he may not use or possess any firearms, replica firearms, air guns, or anything resembling a firearm. He is forbidden to be in possession of ammunition, magazines or any other weapon.

He cannot use illegal drugs or alcohol and must stay 200 feet from campus.

KPRC 2 obtained probable cause court video for Arias’ appearance, along with court documents that show he has the same bail conditions in place, except that if released, he will will be under house arrest between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m., seven days a week. This means that he must remain inside his house 24 hours a day.

It was also revealed during Arias’ appearance that they overheard him saying that he and another classmate were planning to shoot the school, even going so far as to explain how he would get a gun. of a family member and eventually chained the school gates to prevent students from leaving once the shooting started.

KPRC2 legal analyst Brian Wice said the teens could face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted of a third-degree felony charge.

“We’re talking about two teenagers whose misguided, stupid, and allegedly criminal conduct lands them in a criminal justice system treating them like adults,” Wice said.

The Houston Independent School District has not released a statement at this time.

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