Florida man accused of ‘intentionally’ starving dogs drank liquid detergent to avoid jail

Florida man accused of ‘intentionally’ starving dogs drank liquid detergent to avoid jail
Florida man accused of ‘intentionally’ starving dogs drank liquid detergent to avoid jail

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida. A Florida man has been arrested after deputies say he intentionally tried to starve his two dogs to death – and tortured them by leaving a bag of dog food in plain sight.

Joseph Farkas faces two counts of animal cruelty and two counts of forcible confinement.

“His actions are truly despicable and horrific,” Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.

The investigation began in early September after a call from a concerned citizen about two starving dogs. When investigators arrived at Farkas’ home, Sheriff Ivey said what they found was “disturbing”.

The two dogs – named Katie and Darcy – were emaciated and in a state of paralysis to the point that they could no longer walk.

“In fact, their conditions were so desperate that Katie had been paralyzed on the residence floor for several days and lay in pools of her own urine.”

Additionally, vets said Katie suffered from “urine burn” because she had to lie down in her own urine unable to move. Darcy was reportedly in worse condition and only “days away from death.” Vets said Darcy had an untreated skin condition and was completely emaciated.

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“And to show you what evil looks like, a sealed bag of dog food was resting against the wall directly in view of Katie and Darcy,” Sheriff Ivey said. “What kind of sick, demented, cruel person does that to a helpless animal?” The bag of dog food would have been in the house for at least a month unopened.

The sheriff’s office believes Farkas intentionally starved his dogs because he showed no remorse and allegedly told deputies he didn’t think his dogs needed help.

Sheriff Ivey said when they showed up to arrest Farkas, he tried to drink liquid detergent to avoid going to jail.

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“Sorry about your lucky friend. But our team broke down your door long before you could drink enough liquid detergent to harm yourself,” he said.

Luckily Katie and Darcy survived and are walking, running and playing. Darcy has already been adopted into a new family. Katie will soon be up for adoption.

Farkas is being held on $11,000 bond.

. man florida accused of having starved of the dogs intentionally detergent liquid for avoid jail

. Florida man accused intentionally starving dogs drank liquid detergent avoid jail

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