Two Glenvil buildings get nod from History Nebraska

GLENVIL, Neb. (Press Release) – History Nebraska is pleased to announce that Glenvil Jail and Fire Station has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Located in Glenvil, Nebraska, the municipal jail and fire station is located at the end of Winters Avenue, which functions as the town’s main street. The fire station is a one-and-a-half-story western false-front wooden building built in 1905 with an attic, while the city jail is a one-story brick building built in 1899.

Both buildings retain their windows but are glassless as the windows are covered with wood and, in the case of the prison, covered with metal bars.

Lying side by side, the buildings jointly represent an earlier era in which Glenvil aspired to become a much larger town. Flanked on all sides by roads, they seem isolated from the rest of Winters Ave like relics of a bygone era.

The Glenvil Fire Hall and Municipal Jail are designated locally significant under Criterion A for their contribution to the politics/government of Glenvil.

The fire station and city jail are potentially linked due to a series of arson attacks just after the turn of the century, shedding light on the workings of municipal buildings in small towns.

Additionally, the pair of buildings highlights the unique features that have allowed Glenvil, a town that never exceeded 400 residents, to have both a fire station and a municipal jail. It is unique and something no other city of similar size in Clay County could claim to have.

The period of significance for these two buildings extends from 1899, when the prison was built, to 1938, when the new fire station was built.

The National Register of Historic Places is the national inventory of properties deemed worthy of preservation. It is part of a national program to coordinate and support local and private efforts to identify, assess and protect the country’s historical and archaeological resources.

For more information about Nebraska’s National Register program, contact the History Nebraska Office of Historic Preservation at (402) 613-1591 or visit

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. Two buildings Glenvil get nod History Nebraska

. Glenvil buildings nod History Nebraska

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