Monkeypox case confirmed in western Massachusetts

Monkeypox case confirmed in western Massachusetts
Monkeypox case confirmed in western Massachusetts

(WGGB/WSHM) – A case of monkeypox has been detected in western Massachusetts.

Health officials said they were only made aware of the case 24 hours ago.

According to the Quabbin Health District, the person infected with the virus is doing well and remains in contact with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

They added that this is the first time their district – which covers the towns of Pelham, Belchertown and Ware, has seen a case of monkeypox.

Since early August, the number of new cases each week has remained stable, with between 35 and 45 new cases each week.

Public health nurse Kristen Krieger told Western Mass News that monkeypox does not pose a serious health risk to the public, but she reminded people that it is not just a disease sexually transmitted. She adds that:

“People can prevent the spread of monkeypox by talking to their partners before engaging in sexual acts to see if they’ve had any exposures or symptoms. Protect yourself with gloves and a mask if you have come into contact with bedding or clothing worn by an infected person – and wash your clothes immediately after contact.

Quabbin health district currently has no monkeypox vaccine to distribute. Here you will find information on where you can receive the vaccine.

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. Case monkeypox confirmed in west Massachusetts

. Monkeypox case confirmed western Massachusetts

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