Update on COVID-19 Omicron boosters due next week in NH

Update on COVID-19 Omicron boosters due next week in NH
Update on COVID-19 Omicron boosters due next week in NH

By NANCY WEST, InDepthNH.org

CONCORD – Updated Omicron COVID-19 boosters should be available next week in New Hampshire, but it’s unclear how many doses the state will receive, according to Jake Leon, spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services state social.

Boosters can be administered once the FDA clears the vaccine, which happened Wednesday, and the CDC makes recommendations on how to properly administer the vaccine to patients, Leon said.

“There are currently no updated recalls in New Hampshire. We anticipate vaccination will likely be able to begin next week and access will increase as the supply of new boosters hits clinics,” Leon said.

People will be able to get a booster at pharmacy vaccination clinics or from a health care provider, Leon said.

The new booster formulation is intended to provide enhanced protection against currently circulating COVID-19 variants.

“Given the potential for a fall surge, the new boosters will protect residents from exposure and reduce the risk of community transmission in our state,” Leon said.

The Immunization Practices Advisory Committee is currently meeting to discuss eligibility as part of its recommendations to the CDC.

“We won’t know how many doses to expect until ACIP makes its recommendations and the CDC accepts them,” Leon said.

Once guidelines are formulated, the CDC will begin shipping boosters to states.

“There’s no announced date, but based on precedent it’s happening quickly, so doses are hopefully in the states next week,” Leon said.

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