Northwest Arkansas set to receive US$11.9m for road damage

Northwest Arkansas set to receive US$11.9m for road damage
Northwest Arkansas set to receive US$11.9m for road damage

FAYETTEVILLE — The U.S. Department of Transportation announced $11.9 million in emergency relief funds for roads and bridges damaged by a natural disaster last year in northwest Arkansas, according to a statement. Press.

The money will be used to reimburse the Arkansas Department of Transportation and the United States Forest Service for repairs to flood-damaged roads and bridges in the northwest part of the state and the Arkansas National Forest. ‘Ozark-St. Francis in 2021.

The money is also expected to help Arkansas deal with the ongoing impacts of climate change and severe weather.

Dave Parker, spokesman for the Department of Transportation, said the money will help the department cover the cost of repairing damage to federal highways in Arkansas caused by storms and flash flooding that began April 28. 2021. Emergency declarations were issued by Governor Asa Hutchinson after this flood.

Parker said the highways department expects to receive about $10 million of the money for the repair work, while $1.9 million will go to the forestry department. These amounts are based on accurate estimates of flood damages and repairs.

“Natural disasters have an ongoing impact on roads in the forest,” said Tracy Farley, public affairs officer for the Forest Service. “We are verifying the details of this announcement and still appreciate the emergency funding to meet these critical infrastructure needs.” It’s part of an ongoing effort to help states repair and rebuild critical infrastructure that residents and businesses rely on as extreme weather events become more frequent, difficult to predict and severe due to climate change, according to the press release.

The money awarded to Arkansas is part of a $513.2 million emergency relief program to help 30 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico repair storm-damaged roads and bridges, floods, forest fires and other events in recent years.

“From recent hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast, to wildfires in California, to floods and mudslides in many states, we must confront the devastating effects of climate change and work to build more sustainable transportation infrastructure to better withstand its impacts for years to come,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

The nation’s transportation infrastructure is facing more frequent and unpredictable damage from severe weather, according to Acting Federal Highway Administrator Stephanie Pollack.

“The emergency relief funding this administration is announcing today will be used to repair the damage caused by these extreme weather events linked to climate change as we work with states to repair the roads and bridges that communities across the country matter,” Pollock said.

The emergency relief program complements the Biden-Harris administration’s comprehensive approach to combating climate change and mitigating its ongoing effects by encouraging transportation agencies to identify and implement measures that make restored infrastructure more resilient and better able to withstand damage from future events, according to the federal government. Press release from the Ministry of Transport.

. northwest arkansas should receive million dollars from united states for the damage to roads

. Northwest Arkansas set receive US11 .9m road damage

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