How to prepare for your first colonoscopy, according to experts

How to prepare for your first colonoscopy, according to experts
How to prepare for your first colonoscopy, according to experts

Some people find the taste of certain preparations unpleasant, so if you get sick easily, ask your doctor about anti-nausea medication in advance. Drinking your prep solution through a straw can help limit how much you smell. sucking on breath mints or menthol between sips can also help alleviate any bad taste. Chilling the formula in the fridge can also improve the taste, just avoid using ice if you’re not going to drink it soon, Dr. Calderwood said. When the ice melts, it dilutes the mixture, giving more volume to drink.

And whatever you do, don’t drink alcohol the night before your procedure. Although it could technically be a clear liquid, alcohol can cause dehydration and interfere with sedation, which can be a dangerous combination.

Purging will occur minutes to hours after you start your laxative, so stock up in advance with soft toilet paper or wet wipes with soothing witch hazel or aloe vera. (Don’t rinse your wet wipes, even if they say “disposable” on their packaging, as they can harm the environment and clog pipes.)

The morning of your colonoscopy. Several hours before your procedure, you will probably be asked to take the second dose of the preparation. You will also need to stop drinking all fluids at least two to four hours before your scheduled procedure, as directed by your doctor.

At this point, your stools should be watery and clear. If not, be honest with your doctor. “The last thing you want is to put in all that effort, take time and the job isn’t done,” Dr. Rex said. It’s normal for patients who have certain conditions (like chronic constipation) or are taking certain medications (like opioids) to take longer to properly prepare, so be sure to review your medical history with your doctor before you begin. . Sometimes just taking the bowel prep for an extra day will solve the problem.

Don’t forget to pack a snack for the drive home — you’re going to be hungry and you might want more than the salt-free crackers the nurses might give you in the recovery room.

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