UN chief highlights challenge of coping with COVID as one of many issues putting world in ‘great peril’

The UN chief highlights the challenge of coping with the continuing COVID pandemic as one of the major challenges that puts the world in “great peril” in speeches and remarks ahead of this week’s General Assembly. The climate crisis, rising poverty and inequality are also among Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ top issues, the Associated Press reported. The event comes as known COVID cases in the United States continue to decline, although the true tally is likely higher given the number of people testing from home, where data is not collected. The daily average for new cases stood at 59,602 on Monday, according to a New York Times tracker, down 27% from two weeks ago. The average daily hospitalization was down 13% to 31,367, while the average daily death was down 13% to 427. Globally, the number of confirmed cases topped 612.5 million on Tuesday, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins, while the death toll is over 6.52 million, with the United States leading the world with 95.7 million cases and 1,053,840 deaths.

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. chief highlights challenge coping COVID issues putting world great peril

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