Chengdu in China says to gradually return to normal after COVID lockdown


The city of Chengdu in southwest China will resume production and life “in an orderly manner” from Monday after more than two weeks of COVID-19 shutdowns and other strict restrictions, it announced on Sunday. local authorities.

The announcement came after the city of more than 21 million people lifted a lockdown imposed from September 1 on Thursday, the largest Chinese metropolis hit by restrictions since Shanghai’s lockdown in April and May.

“The outbreak has been effectively brought under control,” said Sunday’s notice, adding that the city would continue to strengthen COVID prevention measures with several new rules.

From Monday midnight, public transport and work in governments, institutions and businesses will resume, the notice said. But proof of a negative COVID test result within 72 hours will be required to enter public spaces or ride public transport, under similar rules in other major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Bars, mahjong halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools and other indoor entertainment or leisure venues will open “in an orderly fashion” and once opened they must verify proof of a negative COVID test result within 48 hours.

High schools will open “one at a time” and returning students will be strictly tested and offline group activities, events or performances will be discouraged.

“If you need to organize such an activity, it must be strictly approved according to the principle of ‘who approves, who is responsible’ and ‘who owns, who is responsible,’ the notice adds.

China has fought to contain outbreaks of highly transmissible Omicron variants, imposing varying degrees of lockdowns to stop the spread. Following Shanghai’s prolonged lockdown, the cities of Xian, Shenzhen and Guiyang have also recently experienced lockdowns and restrictions.

. Chengdu China gradually return normal COVID lockdown

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