27 people killed in a bus accident in China

27 people killed in a bus accident in China
27 people killed in a bus accident in China

The accident on a highway in the rural province of Guizhou left 20 others injured.

Twenty-seven people died in a bus crash in southwest China on Sunday, the country’s deadliest traffic accident so far this year.

The accident happened on a highway in rural Guizhou province when the vehicle carrying 47 people “tipped onto its side”, Sandu County police said in a statement.

Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene and 20 other people were treated for injuries.

The crash happened in Qiannan prefecture – a poor, remote and mountainous part of Guizhou, home to several ethnic minorities.

Social media users have angrily demanded to know why a passenger bus was driving down a highway in the early hours of the morning when many major roads in the province were closed to regular traffic.

About 100 toll stations are closed in Guizhou due to COVID-19 restrictions, and long-distance passenger journeys across China are banned from traffic between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Guizhou is in the midst of a COVID outbreak that has seen more than 900 new infections in the past two days alone.

Its provincial capital, Guiyang, home to six million people, was closed earlier in September.

The bus was traveling south towards Guiyang towards Libo County, according to the police statement.

Road accidents remain common in China, where spotty enforcement and lax safety standards have claimed many lives over the years.

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