Who is Ryan Grantham? Actor allegedly plotted to kill Justin Trudeau

Who is Ryan Grantham? Actor allegedly plotted to kill Justin Trudeau
Who is Ryan Grantham? Actor allegedly plotted to kill Justin Trudeau

Ancient Riverdale actor Ryan Grantham pleaded guilty to second degree murder in March for the murder of his mother, Barbara Waite.

Grantham, 24, began his sentencing hearing on Monday June 13 to determine how many years of prison time he will serve before becoming eligible for parole. According to CBC News, the British Columbia court showed videos of the Canadian actor rehearsing the shooting of his mother in March 2020, including one where he shows his mother’s corpse and confesses to killing her.

Prosecutors alleged on Tuesday June 14 that Grantham also conspired to kill the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. CBC News reported that the Canadian native began driving east the day after his mother was killed in a car filled with 12 Molotov cocktails, three guns and ammunition with the intention of killing Trudeau, 50. , at his home in Ottawa. Instead of following the alleged plan, Grantham changed course and drove to Vancouver police headquarters to surrender.

“I cannot explain or justify my actions. I have no excuses,” the 24-year-old said after shooting his mother in a statement to court on Wednesday, June 15. “It pains me to think of how much I have wasted my life. In the face of something so horrible, apologizing seems so pointless. But with every fiber of my being, I’m sorry.

Grantham’s lawyer Chris Johnson argued that mental illness contributed to his client’s actions. “At the time of the offense, this murder was not committed out of hatred or animosity,” Johnson said. “It was done in the disordered mind of Mr. Grantham, to prevent his mother from seeing what he thought he was about to do.”

prosecutor Michaela Donnelly said the defendant had committed a “heartbreaking breach of trust” by shooting his mother. “Barbara Waite loved her son very much, was a great parent and in her mind had no reason to fear him,” she told the hearing.

The prosecutor also referenced two psychiatric reports highlighting Grantham’s struggle with depression leading to the murder. According to CBC News, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid the actor had suicidal thoughts and feared his mother would learn that he had stopped taking classes at Simon Fraser University.

Second degree murder charges automatically carry life sentences in Canada. The Riverdale The alum’s lawyer has asked for Grantham to be eligible for parole in 12 years while the prosecution is asking for 17 to 18 years of parole ineligibility.

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. Who is Ryan Grantham Actor allegedly plotted to kill Justin Trudeau

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