Sydney Sweeney is a retro queen with killer legs in Gogo boots on IG

Sydney Sweeney is a retro queen with killer legs in Gogo boots on IG
Sydney Sweeney is a retro queen with killer legs in Gogo boots on IG
Sydney Sweeney has toned legs in tight dress PicNBC-Getty Images

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  • Sydney Sweeney just dropped some photos on Instagram looking like a total retro queen.

  • In the photos, the actress wears a skintight leather mini dress and Gogo boots as she lounges on a bed and shows off her strong legs.

  • Sydney offers all kinds of activities, from mixed martial arts training to water skiing and more.

Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram is full of fierce looks and outfits you’ll want to recreate at home. But sometimes the Euphoria and white lotus The star shares a more behind-the-scenes look at her life.

Case in point: Sydney just posted two photos of herself on Instagram in a totally epic cut (a given), but the overall effect is a little more laid-back than usual. There’s the 25-year-old cracking up in bed as she wears a cool leather corset with matching stockings, before switching to another shot of Sydney strutting down the street with the same look while shaking her hair to the side.

While the style (and vibe) is spot on, it’s hard to miss the fact that Sydney shows off some awesome toned legs, with a hint of sculpted booty in this look. “Go to the comments section,” she wrote in the caption.

And the people obeyed. “You are so cute/sexy,” Lili Reinhart said, while someone else added, “So fly, miss.” Everyone has been really busy promoting Sydney.

Okay, but how did she achieve such impressive muscle tone? The first thing to know is that Sydney has been practicing mixed martial arts (MMA) since she was 14, according to Marie Claire. “I started when I was 14 and did my first competition at 18,” she said. “It was a grappling competition against all the guys one weight class above me, and I got first place.”

Sydney didn’t just try her hand at MMA, she was about to play some mind games. “I was the only girl in this dojo, and I wanted to fuck with all the guys” [minds],” she said Carry. “So I have everything in pink – shawls, gloves, mouth guards, everything – because when you walk into the ring as a girl dressed in pink, guys are like ‘rubbish’. But then, when you can kick their asses, that’s the greatest feeling.

The story continues

Sydney is also an advanced water skier, a form of exercise that requires some thigh and core strength. Check out this Instagram video of her casually riding the waves like nothing happened:

Speaking of getting your heart rate up outdoors… Sydney said Hustle that one of his favorite exercises is a long walk with his dog. “I try to walk my dog ​​twice a day,” she explained. “We will do a 2 mile walk in the morning and again in the evening if I can. If I feel really motivated, I will run.

When she has a bit more time, Sydney said she’ll be doing an at-home workout video, like the one from Dogpound Gym (a celebrity favorite). “Sometimes it’s difficult if I’m missing some equipment, but it’s doable,” she said.

On the restaurant side, Sydney is not super restrictive. She said Hustle that her favorite breakfast is a toasted croissant with cinnamon sugar and honey butter. But, fun fact, she never drank coffee. “I only drink water – for some reason when I was about 12 I decided I would only drink water and stuck to that,” she said. declared. “I like water, it’s my thing. If she’s tired, however, Sydney said she’ll look for Swedish fish or “anything gummy”.

sydney said Yahoo Life that she tries to focus on body positivity. “What I really started to tell myself is this is the only body I will have for the rest of my life,” she said. “And it means so much to me and I need to appreciate it and I need to love it because I’m not going to have another one. So I love myself more and thank my body for everything it does.

Words to live!

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