Katherine Ryan says A-list TV personality is ‘a sexual predator’

Katherine Ryan says A-list TV personality is ‘a sexual predator’
Katherine Ryan says A-list TV personality is ‘a sexual predator’

Katherine Ryan has claimed that a high-profile British TV personality was a “sex perpetrator”.

The 39-year-old Canadian comedian said she had confronted the unnamed man before in front of others, but said his allegedly unacceptable behavior remained an “open secret” in the industry.

Speaking to Louis Theroux during a recent episode of his “Interviews…” series on Tuesday, the “The Duchess” star gave more details about this particular personality, without disclosing her name.

Katherine Ryan said she had openly confronted the man before.
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“It’s very dangerous for us to have this conversation,” she told Theroux.

“I’m glad I got it, but it’s a contentious minefield because a lot of people have tried to frame this person for their alleged crimes and this person has some really good lawyers, so I’m going to put my mortgage on the line. saying who that person is or getting into conversations like that? »

“We’ve seen what happens to people who talk about suspected predators,” she added.

The comic added that while not a victim herself, the person in question is known to behave in a certain way.

Katherine Ryan noted that the TV personality’s predatory behavior is an “open secret” in the industry.
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“It’s not really my story to tell,” she explained. “No one perpetrated a sexual assault against me, but this person I believe very strongly – a lot of people believe very strongly – is an open secret, is a perpetrator of sexual assault.”

Ryan previously revealed his confrontation with the man in question, which took place on his “Backstage With Katherine Ryan” show earlier this year.

“I called him a predator to the face and in front of everyone that day,” Ryan said. “What am I supposed to do? It’s so complicated because I don’t have proof. What, I’m not supposed to feed my kids because of someone else?

The remarks were eventually cut from the broadcast.

“I always got paid and always did my job, but I did it my way, which I thought was fair,” Ryan added.

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