Anne Heche burnt after crashing into her Los Angeles home

Actress Anne Heche suffered severe burns after her car was engulfed in flames following a single-car accident in Los Angeles on Friday.

Heche, 53, was driving his Mini Cooper through a Mar Vista apartment complex around noon when it crashed into a garage, TMZ reported.

Passers-by tried to drag the ‘Donnie Brasco’ actress out of the vehicle, but she backed out, drove off and entered a house, starting a serious fire, the outlet said.

First responders assist Heche after the wreckage.
Fox 11
The accident happened in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Debris is strewn on the ground where the sinking occurred.
Car accident in Heche
Heche’s Mini is towed away from the scene after the fire accident.

Heche was pulled from the wreckage by first responders wearing charred clothing and apparently tried to climb out of her stretcher, according to aerial footage obtained by the site.

She was hooked up to life support and in critical condition in a hospital, but had to “live,” TMZ reported.

Home security footage obtained by a

showed his blue car driving recklessly through a suburban-style community before the crash.

The mangled vehicle was barely recognizable afterwards, with footage of the burnt-out car littered with debris being towed from the crash scene released by KCBS-TV.

Heche’s serious condition prevented authorities from testing her for alcohol, according to the report.

The actress has spoken publicly about her substance abuse issues.

Inside Heche's car after the wreckage
Heche was pulled from her burning car.
Responders were unable to test Heche’s alcohol levels due to his serious condition.

“I drank. I used to smoke. I took drugs. I slept with people. I did everything I could to remove shame from my life,” she told ABC News in 2020.

The actress, who dated Ellen DeGeneres in the 90s before marrying cameraman Coleman Laffoon and actor James Tupper, said she turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with the trauma of having been sexually abused by her father, Donald Heche.

Donald was an evangelical Christian who died of AIDS in 1983, which he contracted while leading a secretive gay lifestyle, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Heche’s Mini Cooper was full of wreckage from the sinking.

Her brother Nate Heche – who was also sexually abused by their father – died in a high-speed car crash that the actress believed was a suicide three months later, according to the 2018 report.

Heche lost two more siblings; his older sister Susan died of brain cancer in 2006 and another sister Cynthia died in infancy, according to the article. She has one surviving sister, Abigail, and was estranged from her mother for decades, according to the report.

Heche has two children of her own, one with Laffoon and one with Tupper.

. Anne Heche burned after being crashed in house Los Angeles

. Anne Heche burnt crashing Los Angeles home

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