Masahiro Ito shares pyramid head art

There’s a new look at how Masahiro Ito created Pyramid Head for Silent Hill 2. The artist took to Twitter to share the art that led to the final enemy look. While the characters’ roots are in his Strange Head series of paintings, and a prototype appeared in his piece “3328,” Ito specifically cited “3310.”

Here’s a preview of “3310” with commentary by Masahiro Ito. He specifically mentioned it as an entity that James might have encountered in the water. In a follow-up comment, he noted that

also inspired the opponent.

Here is “3328” by Masahiro Ito, which shows several pyramid-headed creatures on the sides of the painting.

Finally, here are his “Strange Head” tracks.

People will soon have the chance to see Pyramid Head again, as Silent Hill 2 the remake is in development. It’s in development for the PS5 and PC.

Silent Hill 2 is available on PS2, Xbox and PC, with a remastered version on PS3 and Xbox 360 in Silent Hill HD collection.


. Masahiro Ito share lart head pyramid

. Masahiro Ito shares pyramid art

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