New Doctor Strange 2 concept art reveals weird unused variant

New Doctor Strange 2 concept art reveals weird unused variant
New Doctor Strange 2 concept art reveals weird unused variant

For many Marvel fans, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness didn’t quite deliver the craziness or multiverse they were hoping for. While there was a lot of tease from multiple universes, the story was limited to just one main alternate reality with a handful of others added. This eventually led to Stephen Strange coming face to face with several variations of himself, including Defender Strange, Sinister Strange, and Defender Strange’s zombie corpse. However, it looks like, like so much else in the film, there have been concepts put in place for other variants, as seen in a new piece of artwork revealed on Instagram.

While it’s entirely possible that Marvel Studios took its first commercial multiverse movie too far in terms of the number of worlds and variants it used, it was widely criticized for promising more than it intended. a book. As the new art shows, we could have seen some very weird Stranges that could have been included in the film if Scott Derrickson had remained as the film’s director. In his Instagram post, artist Darrell J. Warner wrote:

“I’m honored to be among such a hallowed company and to advance this watercolor to be one of the finalists for ‘Live Action Character’ at this year’s Concept Art Association Awards.” Wonderful Melvyn” was a play I finished very early in the first lockdown following an alternate ‘weird’ aspect/universe in Scott Derrickson’s script which later changed with the arrival of Sam Remi [sic]. It is quite rare to be allowed to follow one’s intuition when it comes to a given character and I have to thank costume designer Graham Churchyard for allowing me to develop and produce this concept. All in all, it was an absolute joy to finish and I’m very happy that he found some recognition.

Scott Derrickson’s Multiverse of Madness Could Have Been Very Different

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Like many projects, there will always be a “what-if” that will weigh on Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness on what the movie could have been if 2016 strange doctor director Scott Derrickson had stayed on as director of its sequel. While there were reports of a mutual decision being made for Derrickson to steer clear of certain creative differences, it was never really revealed what those differences of opinion were and how they would have could have had an impact on the direction of the film.

Ultimately, the film that landed in theaters earlier this year was a Sam Raimi film, and few who have seen the director’s other films could deny that fact. From some shots to music provided by Danny Elfman, and some classic Raimi moments that date back to his original evil Dead movies, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness finished as much a Raimi movie as a Marvel movie, for better or for worse.

While there are undoubtedly other variations of Strange that were considered and rejected for the final version of the film, it’s still possible that we could see some of them make an appearance in Benedict Cumberbatch’s next outing. as Strange, who might be one of the missing ones. Phase 6 films of the MCU’s revealed slate. For the moment, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can be found on Disney+.

. new concept art Doctor Strange reveal a variant strange unused

. Doctor Strange concept art reveals weird unused variant

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