Artists give ‘never seen before’ views of Hong Kong as tourists

Artists give ‘never seen before’ views of Hong Kong as tourists
Artists give ‘never seen before’ views of Hong Kong as tourists

A group of 18 Southeast Asian artists have created artwork in remembrance of the Hong Kong they knew as tourists.

The 18 “Hong Kong Super Fans” artists from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand were invited by the Tourism Board to share their works on social media showing the Hong Kong that they like.

As well as bringing back memories of visitors amid a general reluctance to travel amid the pandemic, the council also hopes people will be able to experience new attractions in the SAR and travel to Hong Kong once travel restrictions lifted.

A number of artists had already been impressed after joining a virtual tour of West Kowloon by the board of newly opened art destinations such as the M+ Museum and the Hong Kong Palace Museum, as well as traditional disciplines such as the making mahjong tiles and embroidered shoes.

Indonesian artist Abel Brata used around 500 Rubik’s Cubes to create a unique Hong Kong harbor landscape artwork, while another artist, Thanh Hoang from Vietnam, used 450 of the cubes to create a harbor landscape like we see it at dusk.

Noel Lin from Singapore created a cake to show the Hong Kong he missed, using cream to capture the popular imagination of Victoria Harbor with local food cultures – yum cha and dim sum.

“I recently attended the ‘Arts in Hong Kong’ virtual tour and it really brings back memories of my travels in Hong Kong before the pandemic,” Lin said on Instagram.

“So I decorated a cake inspired by the Hong Kong skyline, the new M+ and HK Palace museums in West Kowloon, and delicious HK dim sum dishes that I missed!” she added.

Indonesian sand painting artist Vina Candrawati recreated classic scenes from The Return of the Condor Heroes broadcast by local broadcaster TVB in 1983, and another romantic Hong Kong action film in 1990 – A Moment of Romance, which both featured superstar Andy Lau Tak-wah.

“As a child, I loved watching Return of the Condor Heroes stars Andy Lau and Idy Chan. That’s what makes me love watching Hong Kong movies because most of the scenes take place in Hong Kong,” she said on Instagram.

“Therefore, ever since I was a child, I had dreamed of visiting Hong Kong so I could meet actors, see the beauty of the city, enjoy its signature cuisine, and admire its art and culture. Someday I want to visit Hong Kong to fulfill my dream as a child and have new experiences in Hong Kong. I’m a huge Hong Kong fan!” she added.

The council said the works of these artists combine traditional cultures and the latest fashionable attractions in Hong Kong. By sharing their works on social media platforms, they presented “a Hong Kong like never before” to fans.

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