Iron Man’s medieval revamp gives Tony Stark his bloodiest weapon ever

Iron Man’s medieval revamp gives Tony Stark his bloodiest weapon ever
Iron Man’s medieval revamp gives Tony Stark his bloodiest weapon ever

A medieval revamp of Iron Man gives Tony Stark an armored downgrade that turns him into a far more brutal warrior. In 2013, to celebrate the character’s third MCU title, Marvel Comics commissioned some of the best artists in the field to celebrate Iron Man’s most iconic armors. Superstar artist Alex Maleev rendered what might be the highlight of the band: a medieval Iron Man, complete with truly ferocious armor and weapons.

Although Iron Man first appeared nearly 60 years ago, it’s only been in the last 15 years that the character has entered the real public consciousness, largely through the portrayal of the character by Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. . In 2013, the cover image initiative titled “The Many Armors of Iron Man” spanned many Marvel titles, recreating his iconic suits courtesy of today’s most acclaimed artists.

Appearing as a variant cover for Wolverine and the X-Men #28, Maleev’s cover shows Tony Stark riding a black horse, his eyes glowing. Perched atop a blood-soaked hill, Iron Man wears a helmet that, while it doesn’t completely cover his face, still manages to obscure his features. His shield bears a strong resemblance to his traditional helmet, and it is adorned with many weapons, including swords. However, the highlight of the room is Iron Man’s massive axe, which is almost as big as he is. The ax is bloody, showing that Iron Man has just come out of a major fight, with gore permeating the earth at his feet.

Given that Iron Man is a tech-based hero, a medieval variant of the character might seem out of place, but Iron Man was actually inspired by ancient knights – indeed, there have been several occasions when he’s been successful. to work alongside the former knights. of Camelot. Even though this variation of Iron Man exists hundreds of years in the past, he’s still an “iron man,” wearing an awesome costume that would make today’s Tony Stark proud. The weapons this medieval Iron Man wields would also make Tony proud, especially the giant axe. While Iron Man wields futuristic armor, the “technology” isn’t just computers, and so it makes sense that in other time periods Tony Stark’s weapon expertise would be portrayed in different ways (the Gabriele Dell’Otto’s gladiator Iron Man makes the same point in equally genius fashion.)

At the same time, there’s a melancholy to the image that honors Tony Stark’s (usually) non-lethal approach to thwarting evil. Part of the character appeal such as Iron Man it’s that they can be reinterpreted in many historical contexts and eras, and Alex Maleev proved that with his medieval revamp, which gave Tony Stark his greatest (and bloodiest) weapon ever.

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